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In Jesus last words before ascending into heaven, he left a command for every believer to make disciples. Take the free video podcast course which includes live Q & A webinars with the author. With God’s help create the greatest eternal impact of your life by making disciples who will multiply.

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Make Eternal Impact

After making this a priority of my life, my hope is to encourage and train you. Changing the Landscape of Eternity can be your lifelong goal as you learn how to have great eternal impact and with the Lord’s enablement, make disciples of Jesus who will multiply their lives in the lives of many others. Read my book (also available in eBook and audiobook format) and learn how to fulfill one of the Lord’s greatest commands for your life. Click here to check out the book.

Discipling Your Children

You will be thrilled at what God will do.

There is no greater responsibility for parents than to disciple their own children. The Church can’t adequately do it, nor can the Christian school, it is the God given responsibility of every Christian parent. Covered in the book, Changing the Landscape of Eternity, and discussed in the free video podcast series in this web site. Find out how the author and his wife successfully discipled their four children who now serve the Lord in Chicago.

Jesus has commanded all believers to make disciples. This web site is dedicated to help the believer understand Jesus’ imperative and to expand his effectiveness in spiritually mentoring immature believers.

Latest Discipleship Articles to Help Get You Started


Physical Discipline

Today we will begin our discussion about Physical discipline as an effective and Biblical form of discipleship. John L Thompson has served as a pastor for over thirty years and has a master’s degree from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary. Currently he serves with the Navigators,...

Character Qualities to Look for in One to Disciple

As we pray and consider disciple prospects, the right person must have certain fundamental qualities before we enter into a deep relationship with them. Granted, a young believer will not be advanced in all or any of these traits, but I believe we should see a degree of these...
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